Obama Announces Bush Iraq Withdrawal Plan

President Bush Obama announced a withdrawal from Iraq by the close of 2011.  In making the announcement, President Bush Obama noted the progress that Iraq had made as a new democracy in the heart of the Middle East.  President Bush Obama states that Iraq is now in a position to take over major responsibility for its own security, and with continued American military assistance this readiness will only improve.  President Bush Obama noted that the 50,000 troops, which will remain beyond August, 2010, will be there, in part, to assist the United States in its continuing counter-terror efforts away from America’s homeland, taking the fight to the terrorists.

I don’t know about you, but undoubtedly, this is the kind of changed leadership that American voters were looking for in November, 2008.  Simply stated, the “value-added foresight,” which President Obama has given to America’s Iraq policy, has been nothing short of astounding.