Observations from the Cheap Seats

  • Don’t know which I find more curious – those people on Obama’s “Car Committee” who drive foreign cars or those who drive American cars that are 14 years old and haven’t bought a new car since Moby Dick was a minnow!  When I see someone on the committee who drives a 1992 Chevrolet Cavalier, I can only think of the old college professor driving around Ann Arbor.  Do I want that guy figuring out how to save the domestic car industry?  Heck no!!!
  • Jim . . . Jim . . . Jim – what were you thinking?  I appreciate that you apologized to Justice Ginsberg, but c’mon!  Did you check your brain at the door?!
  • Monday – President Obama is a budget cutter.  Tuesday – President Obama is a budget buster.  Wednesday – President Obama is a budget cutter.  Thursday – President Obama is a budget buster . . . this man holding a conference urging fiscal restraint a mere week after he flew to Denver, with his minions on board, to sign the largest spending bill in American history is nothing more and nothing less than a complete joke.
  • Rick Santelli – way to go, man!!  You are target #1, because the Administration can’t permit you to coalesce support around common sense.  It only took a few to spur action in Boston more than two centuries ago – and, it may only take one to spur action in Chicago in the days and weeks to come.
  • Mister Gibbs – the more I hear you, I think of Ron Ziegler, absent his competence.  There is a bitterness and an edge to you, which makes you difficult to like, and a lack of talent, which makes you easy to ignore.
  • President Obama – this labeling your circumstances as Bush residual is getting old.  You are responsible for the Presidency, Mr. President.  Blaming President Bush for your Administration’s early and continuing missteps is why people will soon yearn for President Bush’s class, decorum and competence, amidst your growing excuses and failures.
  • Eric Holder should resign as Attorney General of the United States.