Gol-lee Sergeant Carter!

Surprise, surprise, surprise!  What a month it has been!

  • President Obama promising the most ethical administration in history – even having his mouthpiece Mister Gibbs incredibly parrot these words amongst a growing epidemic of nominee tax cheats – delivers instead a Secretary of Treasury who doesn’t pay his taxes, a HHS nominee who doesn’t pay his taxes, a Labor nominee whose husband doesn’t pay his taxes and who knows what other tax cheats lurk.
  • President Obama promising fiscal restraint endorses and, as of tomorrow, signs the largest single spending bill in the history of the United States of America.  And, if you asked him what was in the bill, not even he could tell you all that it contained.
  • President Obama promising the most transparent administration in history has his staff meeting with House and Senate Democrats under cover of darkness to create a spending bill which he promises the American people will have five (5) days to review before he signs – only to not disclose the bill in sufficient time to have our representatives vote on it without knowing its contents and only to sign it before the American public has had the promised five (5) days to review it.
  • President Obama promising to bring power back to the people decides to take the U.S. Census out of the purview of the Secretary of Commerce, only to repose such authority in his White House Chief of Staff.
  • President Obama promising a new America in the arena of international politics is signing a bill with a Buy America clause, which is likely to create an international trade war.
  • President Obama promising the most competent administration in history nominates a Director of Central Intelligence, whose legislative career was dominated by his continuous challenges to the intelligence community.
  • President Obama promising a smooth transition so he could “hit the ground running” has had nominee after nominee subjected to additional scrutiny due to tax problems, grand jury probes and ethics issues – implicated by the new ethics rules which Obama enacted on Day 1 only to make exceptions to on Day 2.
  • President Obama promising an administration representative of the American people nominates an Attorney General nominee who counseled and promoted the pardon of terrorists by President Clinton and a Deputy Attorney General who counseled and promoted the pornography industry.
  • President Obama promising an aggressive foreign policy that would not coddle terrorists is rumored to be considering the removal of sanctions against the terrorist states of Syria and Iran.
  • President Obama promising the closure of Guantanamo Bay issues an executive order which is tantamount to nothing more than a decision to decide in a year’s time about what to do with Guantanamo and the prisoners held there.
  • President Obama promising to end America’s scourge of torture issues an executive order to force compliance with the Army Field Manual, only to have his national intelligence director waffle on whether the vilified ‘waterboarding’ is in fact torture, leaving America to wonder where does President Obama actually come down on the issue.
  • President Obama promising a new era of bi-partisanship abandons such efforts on the largest spending bill in American history, with the dismissive quip “I won.”

Well, you get the idea.  Promise after promise broken, amidst incompetence emanating from all corners of this Administration.  Whether it’s the White House website or its awful press operations or whether it’s Commerce Secretary nominee after Commerce Secretary nominee withdrawing or whether it’s ethical or judgment issues being raised about many of his cabinet members or nominees, in some respect or another, this first month has been an unmitigated disaster.

Spin it anyway you like, President Obama – but if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, guess what?