Observations from the Cheap Seats

  • Let me see if I remember it correctly . . . President Obama said he didn’t want to step on Secretary Geithner’s big day or deny him his day in the limelight . . . something like that.  So, Tuesday was his big day . . . can you say, bust?  Jiminy Christmas . . . given his abysmal performance (and, no, it was not all due to his lack of specifics), it is difficult to conceive how anything he says in the near term will do anything positive for the markets or persuade right-thinking legislators to support his plans for use of TARP money and beyond.  And, to think I was a Geithner fan!
  • Well, well, well, what do you know?  It seems Senator Roland Burris was, in fact, approached by Blago’s brother about a little donation in return for the Senate seat.  Curious how this story that was weeks old only came to light in the hours after Burris cast the deciding vote on President Obama’s stimulus package.  Hmm.  Just a coincidence, I suppose.
  • One can only wonder how long Secretary Clinton will be able to stomach being sent to the deep recesses of Southeast Asia, while President Obama’s actual foreign policy team of Holbrooke, Mitchell et al. are attending to matters in the Middle East.
  • Debbie Stabenow would be well served to abandon her efforts at reviving talk of the Fairness Doctrine.  Given her completely non-existent Senatorial record, i.e. she has failed to draft a single piece of major legislation since being elected to the Senate, she is ripe for defeat the next time she is up for re-election.  Combine her vapid Senate record with her husband’s late night escapades near Big Beaver Road in Troy, and I might suggest that she just keep silently doing what she does best . . . nothing, and leave the issue of “fairness” to the judgment of Michigan’s voters in 2012.
  • Kudos to John Boehner and Eric Cantor in the House.  Congratulations on a fight well fought.  You give us hope that better days are ahead.