Shouldn't We Have Demanded Perfection?

“This plan is not perfect.” – President Obama addressing the White House Press corp on Monday, February 9, 2009.

“I am not going to stand here and tell you that this bill is perfect.” – President Obama addressing an audience in Elkhart, Indiana on Tuesday, February 10, 2009.

Shouldn’t we have demanded perfection?

From his inauguration forward, as a country, we have heard nothing but the fact that our economy is near catastrophe – putting aside for the moment the fact that such hyperbolic statements are baloney – let’s assume for the sake of argument that President Obama is right.

When your house is on fire, isn’t water nearly always the “perfect solution?”  Why is that?  Because empirically and scientifically we know that 99.9% of the time water extinguishes fire and, so when your house is on fire, you might correctly presume that the local fire department will use the perfect solution – water to put out the fire.

By analogy, when the economy is near catastrophe, isn’t President Obama responsible for providing the American public with as near a perfect bill as possible?  Something which extinguishes the economic fire currently engulfing American jobs and diminishing income and opportunity?

And, on this score, President Obama has failed miserably.  Not only has he not provided us with the perfect bill, this “stimulus” package doesn’t even scare perfection.

President Obama fundamentally does not understand our economy, nor is it apparent that he is making any attempt to understand it.  Claiming that this bill was necessary to avert economic catastrophe is a LIE.

Overcoming America’s economic woes are a function of establishing a floor to real estate values and creating an economic environment for small business expansion and enhanced liquidity in the lending market.  This legislation does not meet any of these objectives.

No, instead we are funding incredible spending, to the tune of billions of dollars, on projects like frisbee parks, a rodent preserve and programs to educate and inform people who have yet to grasp the notion of a switch to digital television despite more than three years of advanced notice.

So, as such, you’re right, President Obama.  This legislation isn’t perfect.  It isn’t even close. 

President Obama, you’ve further mortgaged America’s future in return for short term political gain.  But, the fire is still burning, Mr. President, and the gasoline which you have just poured on America’s economic woes will guarantee that it will not soon be extinguished.