Backbencher Mitch McConnell, Minority Leader

Word has it this afternoon, Mitch McConnell, has declared that the Senate GOP will no longer fight against the adoption of the Obama Administration’s Stimulus Bill.

Nearly a week ago, I challenged Senator McConnell, in An Open Letter to Senator Mitch McConnell, as follows:

That leaves you with a choice, Senator.  You can decide to be a leader and fight the passage of this bill, coalesce your caucus around opposition to these spendthrift practices and be thought of as the Republican leader of a unified GOP from this point forward; or, alternatively, you can decide to be a follower and, in the spirit of bi-partisanship, try to tweak a horrible bill and make it merely awful, gain media accolades and be thought of as a minority leader from this point forward.

Do you understand the distinction Senator?  Lead the fight and lose and you will be the Republican leader – proudly leading your party back to an eventual electoral majority.  Concede the fight and lose and you will forever be the Minority leader – relegating yourself to a perpetually disregarded backbench voice on issues important to America.

Think like the majority and one day you will lead the majority.  Think like the minority and you will never be anything but.  It’s a stark choice.  It’s your choice, Senator.

Senator, you have apparently chosen the path of least resistance, the path occupied by followers – not leaders.  We know that defeat is likely, if not guaranteed – but the issue for us, Senator, is one of true leadership.  Republicans yearn for someone to lead the fight, to stand with us in support of our conservative principles.  By conceding defeat, you have chosen not to stand for our principles, but to think like the minority party and, unfortunately, you are now destined to lead nothing but.  Welcome to the backbench, Senator McConnell.  You made your choice.  You made the wrong choice.