Two simple questions for Senator Collins.

Would someone please inform Senator Collins that once this bill goes to conference, it’s too late to regain your senses?  On FoxNews this afternoon, Senator Collins, sounding amazingly uninformed (this is saying something – kindly stated, I have never been overly impressed with her wit given a seeming inability to quickly articulate a cogent argument on nearly any issue) and almost impervious to reason, states that she won’t vote for the bill out of conference, if it contains all the pork that she claims to have removed.

Senator, first, if you honestly thought that this bill would come out of conference more closely resembling the Senate version, then you are beyond naive . . . you’re stupid.  Second, it doesn’t really matter that you won’t vote for it in the long run, because the playing field has been set and the field you all are dancing on now has, quite possibly, permanently expanded the scope of the federal government to a size which rivals European socialist economies and which bears no resemblance to the republic which the Founders, through God’s providence, created.  You have eliminated any possibility of rationality to this bill, Senator Collins.  I am sorry, but not surprised, that this revelation apparently just dawned on you.

Having seen what happened last night, I am reminded of two story lines – one is my favorite line from Jack Nicholson’s portrayal of the Joker, when he simply asks, “have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moon light?”

The second parable comes from the old story about the boy who befriends the backyard snake.  Every morning he wakes up and plays with the snake in the backyard . . . the snake quickly becomes the little boy’s best friend . . . they do everything together . . . then one day, the boy is playing with the snake and the snake bites the little boy – the little boy asks, “why, snake, did you bite me . . . I am your friend, I play with you day and night?”  The snake replied, “Why it’s true, we have played day and night and you have been my friend . . . but, in playing with me, did you forget I was a snake?”

Senator Collins – try as you might to put a good spin on what you did yesterday – I simply ask, how do you answer these questions today?