When will this INSANITY stop?!!

  • The United States Congress is still debating the merit of this now $900 billion BOONDOGGLE!  Are you kidding me?  What is there to debate?  No person in their right mind – hear me Susan Collins? – can possibly conclude that this is the right prescription for America.  Any person found voting for this baloney ought to be removed from office by their constituents at the next opportunity.
  • President Obama is telling us that we MUST pass this baloney now – because if we don’t this crisis will just get worse and worse and we may not be able to reverse it – “the time for talk must come to an end” – BULL! BULL! BULL!  What a colossal bunch of crap!  I’ll tell you what President Obama – I am willing to bet the future of this country on the fact that $300 million for STD prevention is not necessary for my neighbor to keep his job.  Don’t feed me this line of bull anymore, Mr. President.  You are very quickly losing have lost any shred of credibility with me.
  • Nancy Pelosi says if we don’t pass this bill 500 million Americans will lose their jobs.  NEWSFLASH, Speaker Braintrust – there are only 330 million people in America.  Did you mean 500,000 will lose their jobs?  Well, in view of the fact that current unemployment exceeds this figure, does that mean that if we don’t pass this bill, more people will actually be employed?  Nah, you couldn’t have meant that, Speaker Pelosi, am I right?
  • This stimulus package includes $650 million because THREE YEARS was just not enough time to get some people prepared for the switchover to digital TV.   Are we to believe that the people who apparently haven’t figured this one out in THREE YEARS are now going to figure it out in THREE and ONE-HALF YEARS?  That $650 million is to do what, Mr. President?  Pay for babysitters?  Jiminy Christmas – are you kidding me?  Care to offer a guess as to who these people voted for last November?
  • I REPEAT a prior warning – ANY Republican voting for this ‘hooey’ ought not to any longer serve in the United States Congress.