They Call Me Mister Gibbs.

Oh, what a start it has been!  For the new White House Press Secretary, Robert Gibbs, this has been a most inauspicious start.  Saddled with trying to defend the indefensible, Mister Gibbs gives new meaning to the term ‘deer in headlights.’

Today, attempting to deflect legitimate press inquiry regarding the latest series of tax issues to beset the Obama Administration nominees, Mister Gibbs stated:

The [ethical standards] bar we set is the highest that any administration in the country has ever set.

Mister Gibbs, you must be kidding.  Must we recount the ways in which this Administration in just two short weeks has demonstrated a palpable disdain for ethics in government?  Here are just a few shining examples:

  • The first Commerce Secretary nominee withdraws his nomination amidst a grand jury probe into state contracting practices.
  • The Secretary of Treasury, whose department oversees the IRS, has a little tax problem.
  • The first HHS Secretary nominee withdraws his nomination amidst another little tax problem.
  • The Administration’s nominee for “Performance Czar” withdraws her nomination amidst another little tax problem.
  • Two immediate and highly visible exceptions to the new and strengthened lobbying ethics rules are made to permit two other administration appointments to be made.
  • The Attorney General is nominated and approved despite glaring concerns over his role in the pardon of felons responsible for a variety of violent crimes against the United States.
  • The Deputy Attorney General nominee is a pornography industry lawyer, who has actively fought against governmental intrusions into the adult entertainment industry.

You know the Obama Administration has real ethical issues when Hillary Clinton’s nomination as Secretary of State, despite substantial questions regarding financial contributions to President Clinton’s Presidential Library and Foundation, is the least contentious nomination in this nascent administration.

About all you can say is . . . c’mon, Mister Gibbs.