An Open Letter to Senator Mitch McConnell

Senator McConnell:

In light of the House of Representatives vote on the Administration’s stimulus package last evening, your leadership role assumes even greater importance now that the focus has shifted to the Senate’s consideration of this proposal next week.  Will your leadership match the gravity of the issues and choices presented in this legislation?

We, conservatives, are getting mixed signals from you, Senator.  One second, you (or those whom you direct) are releasing details of speeches to be given in the days ahead, wherein you call for a “post-partisan” GOP, the need to work with President Obama and laud former Senator Robert Dole’s leadership style and bi-partisan outreach as an example of where and how the GOP should proceed.  Then, this evening, Lawrence Kudlow reports that you are adopting a harder line with regard to the stimulus and have indicated that you have now decided not to support the bill.

Given these reports, there is ample reason for concern regarding how you will respond next week when the pressure is on.  I know that you might view my post and other criticism as nothing but mere nuisance.  I, respectfully, submit that it is anything but and that conservatives are mobilizing to respond to what occurs next week.

As to the merits of the legislation, you know, as well as I, that there is no reason to support this legislation – not political or economic.  Simply stated, it is not good legislation and, in fact, will do far more harm to the American economy in the long run than it will do good in the short run.  Make no mistake, this is not a stimulus bill.  This is a spending bill – so full of pork, that not even Democrats can justify its passage with a straight face.

That leaves you with a choice, Senator.  You can decide to be a leader and fight the passage of this bill, coalesce your caucus around opposition to these spendthrift practices and be thought of as the Republican leader of a unified GOP from this point forward; or, alternatively, you can decide to be a follower and, in the spirit of bi-partisanship, try to tweak a horrible bill and make it merely awful, gain media accolades and be thought of as a minority leader from this point forward.

Do you understand the distinction Senator?  Lead the fight and lose and you will be the Republican leader – proudly leading your party back to an eventual electoral majority.  Concede the fight and lose and you will forever be the Minority leader – relegating yourself to a perpetually disregarded backbench voice on issues important to America.

Think like the majority and one day you will lead the majority.  Think like the minority and you will never be anything but.  It’s a stark choice.  It’s your choice, Senator.