Calling Republican Senators: Are you vertabrates or spaghetti-spined?

Senator Mitch McConnell, the ball is now in your court.  Despite the incredibly impressive Republican cohesion in the House of Representatives, the question remains, will the Republican caucus in the U.S. Senate be comparably unified in its opposition to President Obama’s $825 billion boondoggle?  That, sir, is largely a function of whether you, as Minority Leader, will lead or simply follow.

There is no appropriate compromise on this legislative proposal, as it currently stands.  Do you understand what I mean, Senator?

In case you don’t . . . reducing this package, hypothetically, from $825 billion to $819 billion to $760 billion is not a victory, Senator.  That would be a cop-out.  Plainly stated, this bill is appalling from start to finish.  In fact, the only aspect of this bill which is marginally worthy of the moniker “job creator” is its tax-reduction element, which incidentally should be patterned after the House Republican proposal.

Senator McConnell, please make your caucus aware that conservatives will remember who voted for this bill.  If any Republican Senator votes for this bill or anything remotely like it, that senator should be targeted for a Republican primary defeat in 2010 or their next cyclical election.

It is time, Senator, that your caucus start acting like Republicans and we are depending on you to make that happen.