Observations from the Cheap Seats

  • Mr. President, I am confused – you stand before your staff today and articulate how this government is going to be the most transparent administration in history in order to inspire public confidence in their government, yet you have said nothing about the following: Charlie Rangel’s tax, legal and ethical problems and he remains a powerful chairman on Capitol Hill and Timothy Geithner’s apparent failure on multiple occasions to pay his income taxes associated with unreported income.
  • Mr. President, I am confused – you campaigned on the fact that GITMO would be closed immediately, yet tomorrow you are issuing a draft executive order to state that it will be closed within one year.  A draft executive order?  Do you sign that with or without your fingers crossed?  Now, I don’t find fault with your wanting to take time to close GITMO – frankly, I favor keeping it open to house the most dangerous of the terrorists we have detained and we will detain – that is if you plan to still catch more terrorists.  But, what is foolish and increasingly concerning is your seeming halting approach towards decisive action.  May I suggest that if your not ready to articulate a specific plan for closing GITMO that you don’t tease the American public with your “decision to decide.”  To me, that is nonsensical.
  • Mr. President, are you going to be forthright and honest in discussing your spending plan and the CBO analysis that was issued yesterday?  You know the analysis that concluded that your stimulus plan will stimulate nothing before the end of 2010 and, even then, only marginally.  So, what do you say, Mr. President, you going to discuss this with the American public?
  • Mr. President, please tell those in your administration to show a modicum of class – you have no hope of persuading me to your views, but if you exhibit a little class and grace, you might just persuade me to bite my tongue.  Vice-President Biden’s mouth once again is getting you in trouble and your less than 48 hours into your presidency.  Between his gaffe and the very tasteless display your supporters exhibited in their melodious chanting at President Bush yesterday, I am getting the distinct impression that the American people are, in fact, not going to get an Administration that we are proud of, but rather one that will quickly wear out its welcome amongst middle class America.  You would be well served to institute some decorum amongst your underlings.
  • Mr. President, you would also be well served to leave well enough alone in Iraq.  There is an established timeline for withdrawal, which is based on lengthy negotiation with the Iraqi administration and one which required substantial work in the Iraqi parliament – this should be sufficient to meet your objective of an appropriate withdrawal from Iraq.  That is, unless, your principal objective is not America’s best interests but your political interest in trying to further disassociate your administration from prior Bush policies – Bush policies, mind you, that have worked.