George W. Bush Unleashed and Revisited 8 Hours Later

Yep, I miss him already.

Sure he isn’t the most eloquent, but if eloquence gets you an inaugural speech like we got today, then eloquence is overrated.  Long, boring and, frankly, depressing – thought I was listening to Carter’s “malaise” speech all over again.

C’mon.  If I have to see one more shot of Vice President Biden’s wispy grey locks floating away or one more glimpse of Dr. Biden’s go-go boots, I don’t know that I will ever recover from the paralytic cringe which started with the botched oath of office.  Geez!!

Good to see as well that promptness has returned to the White House.  Not!!  Apparently, President Clinton gave him one of his old watches as an inauguration gift.  There’s polite and then there’s Clinton time.  Of course, President Obama is not all to blame — Reverend Lowery’s Benediction was so long, it doubled as the invocation for the next inaugural.

Twenty years ago tonight, I was at the inaugural ball at the Armory – thank you-know-who, I am not there tonight.  Given how tardy things are moving, I don’t think anyone will see a glimpse of President and Mrs. Obama until 3:00 a.m. at the earliest.

Yep, I miss him already.

Thankfully, I could break up the incessant coverage of Obama mania, with the speech President Bush gave in Midland tonight.  The man is pure class and it’s readily apparent that his post-presidency won’t be as muted in defense of his administration as was his tenure in office.  In fact, there was a rather pointed comment that he made the tough decisions, not leaving them to the next president, contrary to President Obama’s not-so-veiled and disingenuous barb directed at him during the inaugural speech.  It is clear that this may have been a last minute addition to the speech in Midland and it’s equally clear that there is some fire in his belly.  The gloves are coming off!!

And, as for President Obama’s declaration that America is returning to lead the world with our values intact . . . blah, blah, blah, I commend to your reading the terrific op-ed piece in today’s Jerusalem Post by Heinrich Maetzke, thanking President Bush for leaving the prospects for peace in the Middle East much further along than his predecessor and for standing up for liberty in a region historically dominated by tyranny and terror.

Oh, and for the next pin prick in the Obama bubble, did you catch the CBO statement late today that the “stimulus” package that the One contemplates will save our economy, in fact, will have little to no effect on our economy by the end of President Obama’s first and only term?  Specifically, only 50% of the $30 billion in funding will have even been allocated to road and construction projects by 2012 and only $4 billion by 2010.  So much for saving the economy with your boondoggle spending!!

Yep, I miss him already.  The balloon in Washington is about to burst.  Sleep well in Texas tonight, Mr. President — your rehabilitation has already begun.  Now, that is a reason to smile.