Observations from the Cheap Seats

  • Who would have thought you could play the game of lowered expectations with heightened expectations?  What you say?  Obama’s minions created the heightened expectation themselves and then, almost in the same breath, urge that no president could meet such lofty objectives.  And, the media gives him a pass.  They neither question the ridiculousness of the campaign claims that he and his people made, nor do they call him on his brazen retreat.
  • There is a certain malaise I feel today — somber at the notion that President Bush is headed home tomorrow and that such a good man was not given his due by the American public and, on the other hand, dismayed that his eight years weren’t more successful on critical issues like social security and illegal immigration.
  • A warning to Nancy Pelosi – I dare you to give cover to those calling for the prosecution of Bush officials.  Go ahead, Mrs. Speaker – do it and I guarantee you that in four years time, perhaps earlier, Democrats will be voted out and you will no longer be Speaker of the House.  Campaign vitriole is one thing – but pursuing Bush administration officials after they leave tomorrow will be viewed in short time as nothing but liberals typically misreading the tea leaves and overplaying their hand.
  • President-elect Obama – congratulations, but there is no honeymoon.  At noon tomorrow, you are the leader of the free world.  You and your administration are responsible to ensure that the American people are safe – and, if you don’t think that you will be tested and tested soon, you are not only inexperienced, but naive – a dangerous combination for the American people.  This is THE test of your presidency.  You will soon learn what President Bush has known since September 11, 2001 – there is no substitute for a terror-free America.
  • I think of tomorrow and pray for President-elect Obama, but I can’t help my mind wandering to the old Simon & Garfunkel tune – “Where have you gone Joe Dimaggio? Our nation turns its lonely eyes to you,” and wonder if we will all soon be longing for the days of GWB.  No slight intended, but I already am.