Observations from the Cheap Seats

  • Let me get this straight – the likely Secretary of the Treasury, which department oversees the Internal Revenue Service, failed to pay his self-employment taxes on multiple occasions.  Notified about this in 2006, he didn’t take care of it then, while he was one of this country’s most prominent financial figures.  And, Obama nominated him anyway.  Classic!  And, he has a Zoe Baird and Kimba Woods problem on top of it.  And, Obama nominated him anyway.  Priceless!
  • I actually like Geithner and think he will be a good head at Treasury, but this is just too funny.
  • Welcome, Senator Burris.  Senator “The War is Lost . . . Lost . . . Lost” Reid is . . . it baffles me daily that this man could have been elected to a leadership position by actual sentient beings.
  • Leave it to the NAACP – it is complaining about the costuming of parade participants for next week’s inaugural parade.  Rather, than just being joyous in the moment and in the triumph of Senator Obama’s election, the NAACP has to find “racism” in parade costumes.  How the NAACP maintains its place amongst the pantheon of respected civil rights organizations, when it engages in this “crap,” and that’s what it is . . . “crap” . . . is simply amazing.  C’mon!!
  • Christopher Hitchens – kudos on an engaging piece inquiring about what we’re actually getting into with Hillary at Foggy Bottom, but your skepticism begs the question, why weren’t you equally curious regarding Obama prior to the election?  Because, if you can explain to me what we are getting with him, you are a much smarter man than I.
  • I know one thing we are getting . . . indecision.  Who ever heard of issuing an executive order, which is tantamount to nothing more than a declaration that you are beginning your deliberative process?  What, you say?  Exactly.  By announcing that Obama plan’s an Inaugural Day Executive Order on closing GITMO while Obama is publicly declaring that he’s made no decisions on what to do with GITMO, a state of confusion has ensued.  Apparently, it amounts to nothing more than a decision that he plans to make a decision – which, of course, is really nothing more than indecision.