Observations from the Cheap Seats

  • Caroline Kennedy as U.S. Senator from New York?  Far be it from me to lend advice to Democrats and Governor Paterson, more particularly — but, don’t do it, Governor.  The issues facing America today are real.  You, Governor, are vested with a unique opportunity to appoint a qualified, competent individual to represent your state in the U.S. Senate and to seriously attend to America’s many challenges.  Now is not the time for supposed political patronage to trump a process which demands an appointment worthy of such challenges.  Ms. Kennedy, or Mrs. Schlossberg as I had come to know her, is not and has not been a serious political figure in any respect during her lifetime.  In fact, it’s fair to say that she has shunned the spotlight that has been focused brightly on her brother, mother, cousins and aunts and uncles, largely because of their very open involvement in issues aligning with their particular political passions.  Furthermore, she has hardly advanced any specific political positions on any issues of substance and, with the exception of her uncle’s run for the presidency in 1980, she has been conspicuously absent from any open and significant campaign involvement until her most recent endorsement of Senator Obama.  With such a vapid political record, it is silly to now think that New York and America are best served by Caroline Schlossberg’s, nee Kennedy’s, appointment as a United States Senator and Governor Paterson should exercise his prerogative to say, “thanks, but no thanks.”
  • I know you have seen the bumper sticker — “Coexist,” spelled by the use of religious and cultural symbols.  For those of us who frequent the I-94 corridor from Ann Arbor to Kalamazoo, you can’t drive more than 10 minutes without seeing some college professor pass you in his Yugo, with “the sticker” prominently displayed.  I don’t know what it is — but each time I see this sticker, I just bristle.  First, everytime I see it, I want to pull up at the intersection, not so casually lower my window and remind Mr. or Mrs. Coexist that they are preaching to the choir.  I would continue to politely suggest that, perhaps, they would be better suited to disseminate “the sticker,” incorporating the Muslim crescent, the Christian cross and the Star of David, amongst other symbols advancing women and gay rights, etc., where such stickers might actually persuade others to act differently than they do, like the streets of Beirut, Tel Aviv, Amman, Baghdad, and Tehran.  Oh, I know, such a suggestion would not be received well amongst the “hate-America” first crowd whom would have us believe that the streets of Chelsea, Michigan or Syracuse, New York are more worthy of their sticky admonition, than the oh-so-tolerant suburbs of Riyadh and Damascus, but c’mon.  Second, the irony of such roadside homily promulgated on the back of a VW bus, which bus used to be adorned with the relatively innocuous “peace” stickers and the occasional “legalize marijuana” sticker, is that the “co-exist” sticker is now more often ensconced amongst numerous stickers telling us that “Crawford, Texas is missing its village idiot” or that “W stands for weasel.”  Ah . . . apparently, tolerance, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.
  • Prediction:  For the next week, we are going to incessantly hear about the terribly Israelis.  How dare they indiscriminately bomb and kill more than 220 Palestinians in Gaza City?!!  Now, innocent deaths are never desired and should always be avoided, but – warning to the media, the European Union and to the United Nations – shelve your false outrage.  Where were you, European Union, in recent weeks to tell Hamas and Palestinian terrorists in Gaza City to stop their indiscriminate terror attacks into Southern Israel with rockets at all hours of the day and night?  Where were you, United Nations, to pressure the Palestinian leadership to get Hamas to stop its rampant attacks on innocent Israelis?  And, finally, where were you, American and world media, to report what it meant when Hamas – a group of murderous terrorists – recently declared its ceasefire with Israel over, with no apparent provocation, and with only evil designs in their hearts?  So, yeah, pardon me, if I don’t listen to your baloney.  All of your shameless and “johnny-come-lately” indignation should rightfully fall on the trash heap with all other vacuous and misplaced criticisms of Israel’s right to self-defense.