Observations from the Cheap Seats

  • Isn’t it more than a touch ironic that the very man that the UAW leadership has vilified for the better part of the last eight years is now their lifeline to continued existence?  Don’t expect them to be grateful, however — see it doesn’t work that way with the UAW.  This is all about entitlement to the UAW leadership, so you bail them out in the morning and expect to still be hated by sunset.
  • Bob Corker is the new hero of conservative legislators — demand more of the UAW, demand more of the Big 3 and then, and only then, will we fund your operations for three months.  Fail to meet that condition and guess what — the party’s over and it’s time to file bankruptcy.  If only conservative legislators were this demanding of their own business of government, we’d all be a lot better off.
  • Let me suggest that we should be far less worried about the American economy and far more worried about America.  If this were the case with our legislators, we could be assured that they would start making the right decisions.
  • Is it just me or is Harry Reid the most pathetic example of leadership you have ever seen?  He’s that proverbial guy your dad warned you never to be — you know what I mean, he’s that guy who when you shake his hand it’s like a dead fish and then you shiver in disgust.  What a colossal wimp!
  • Earth to Jennifer Granholm — please don’t lecture those who contemplated voting against the auto-bailout that to do so was “un-American.”  How dare you!  When going with hat in hand and trying to persuade others, might I suggest a little less vitriole and a dab of humility.  Remember, Governor, Michigan was at the bottom of nearly every economic category long before this auto crisis and this bailout is as much about bailing you out of six years of inept leadership as anything else.