Observations from the Cheap Seats

  • The press continues their fawning ways — now, remarking about the pace of Obama’s policy making in a transition period. We hear the words unprecedented, bold, and decisive. Somewhere lost in this salivating praise for The One is the fact that George W. Bush has permitted this president-elect unprecedented access to his policy advisors, to his economic briefings and to his cabinet level officials. Add to that access, President Bush’s unmatched decorum in dealing with his successor, ensuring for the welfare of all Americans that President-elect Obama hits the ground running, and you have the recipe for such aggressive and yet welcomed policy pronouncements from the incoming administration. Somewhere in this story, as has been the case for the last eight years on other matters, the major media outlets have ignored the Bush administration contributions to this process and the incredible grace of our President.

  • Shame on former labor secretary Robert Reich for insisting in published reports that the Bush administration has abdicated its responsibilities on the economy, and thereby permitted the incoming Obama administration to fill the policy vacuum. Reich’s statement to this effect, as parroted by the major media since, is a bald faced lie and Secretary Reich knows it. The Bush administration has been anything but inattentive to this economic crisis. President Bush has taken a very hands on approach to this issue both domestically and with our international economic partners. For the better part of two and one-half months, the Bush administration has been monitoring this situation, developing legislative proposals, briefing the public and Congress and aggressively pursuing a comprehensive international strategy to address the international aspects of this financial difficulty. Again, let me state in no uncertain terms . . . Secretary Reich’s statement that George Bush has abdicated his responsibilities is a bald faced lie.

  • On the front page of today’s Kalamazoo Gazette – I kid you not: “President-Elect Plans Fiscal Restraint and Big Spending.”

  • The Fed announces another $600 billion in bailout expenditures. We need to ask, “Where does the Fed get this money? Who’s paying for this?” That’s right . . . ultimately, you and me.