Observations from the Cheap Seats

  • With due respect, if the Big 3 want our money, at least have the courtesy and respect for the American taxpayer to not feed us a line of bull regarding the reason the car companies are having so much difficulty. According to the Big 3 CEOs, the financial crisis is the cause of their woes. Really, so it’s only since September 15, 2008 that GM, Ford and Chrysler have been getting their tail kicked by Toyota? So only since September 15, 2008, that GM, Ford and Chrysler have continuously lost market share with outdated designs? So only since September 15, 2008, that GM, Ford and Chrysler stock has sunk lower and lower, that profit margins have dwindled, that labor costs have exploded and inventory soared? Really? Puh-leeeeze.

  • Mitt Romney showed why John McCain dropped the ball in not naming him prominently to an economic advisor position with his campaign and why we, as Republicans, dropped the ball in not nominating him as our party’s candidate for president. Romney’s op-ed in today’s New York Times was precise, well-thought out, well-presented and probably will prove to be right on the money. It’s a shame we aren’t calling him President-Elect Romney at this moment in our history.

  • Is it just me? I am not sure that I have ever seen Kathleen Parker and Arianna Huffington together in the same room.

  • Would somebody please get Fidel Castro a new sweatsuit? Geez, at a minimum, when our hemisphere’s most ruthless dictator meets other ruthless dictators you would think that they could find him some plain, drab, collarless, button-up shirt to go under his smelly sweatsuit, so he would look more like his idols, Stalin, Mao, and Kim Jong-Il.