Observations from the Cheap Seats

  • Clinton Re-dux – Apparently, “change” is a six-letter word for “Clinton.” Who’da thunk?

  • Know the name John Maynard Keynes? You will learn it soon enough. Obama’s current recipe for the economy — the largest Keynesian infusion of government spending in history. Balanced budget in 4 years? Hah!!

  • GOP senators are vertabrates after all!! We need a domestic car industry, but unconditional handouts are ill-advised and wrong. Congrats for finding a backbone. On that same topic, maybe the government bailout is what Michigan’s inept governor, Jennifer Granholm, was calling her “plan” for reviving Michigan’s economy. It only took six years, Governor!!

  • The first reform which reform conservatives should undertake is to jettison the ever-pompous David Brooks from their ranks.

  • The Bush administration should throw etiquette and courtesies to the incoming Obama administration to the fire and take aggressive action to rebuff recent Russian efforts to take advantage of the normally dormant presidential transitional period.

  • On a lighter note, given the Alaskan governor’s penchant for saying huntin’, fightin’, and darn tootin’, has anyone researched her last name to make sure that it’s not really spelled, “Palin’ ?”