Granholm is Part of Obama's Economic Advisory Team

Comically, Governor Jennifer Granholm, D-Mich., has been named by President-Elect Barack Obama as part of his economic advisory team. With all due respect to the president-elect, this appointment is unbelievable and cause for great concern. In a word, Jennifer Granholm is incompetent.

Further, if Jennifer Granholm is the excellence that he is surrounding himself with as we move into his administration, then America is in deep, deep trouble. With Governor Granholm giving advice on the economy, CHANGE will be all we have left in our pocket.

Jennifer Granholm has been governor of the State of Michigan for 6 years and has presided over the loss of 269,000 manufacturing jobs throughout Michigan. She has run our state economy into the ground, all the while promising Michiganders that she had a plan to address our economic problems. We have yet to see the PLAN.

Jennifer Granholm advising on the economy is like Vladimir Putin giving advice on the freedom of the press. C’MON!!