House of Representatives Votes to Censure Entire House of Representatives

by Ima Tuele
New York Times News Service

In a stunning display of honesty the United States House of Representatives has voted by a count of 434 to 1 to censor censure the entire United States House of Representatives. A similar motion in the United States Senate is not expected to pass, in honor of the late Ted Kennedy.

The lone holdout in the House vote was that of Rep Ron Paul, R-TX, who made an impassioned speech on the floor of the house, pointing out that such a measure was not constitutionally appropriate.

Rep Barny Fwank, D-MA, noted that what would be inappropriate, would be to leave any House members out of a censor censure move. “It’s not as though anyone is innocent around here,” he pointed out, with that little twinkle in his eye that he so known for.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was blunt in her crucifixion of the House. “Racists! We’re all racists!” she shouted.

“Because of this vote, we will now have the most ethical congress in the history of the universe,” said Democrat House Whip and Chain Steny Hoyer.

When it was pointed out to Rep Hoyer that congress is another word for sexual intercourse, Rep Fwank was heard to say, “I’m up with that.”

Originally published at The Minority Report