Israel looks to play game changer in its war with Hamas

Pretty good take on the current conflict between Israel and Hamas. 

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) are ramped up in away that has not been seen since 2006 and maybe before that. The IDF’s current military operations against Hamas are offering all the conditions for a much larger picture in terms of military action and a political statement in the region. With well over several hundred air sorties missions flown and that many targets engaged; plus, the IDF has deployed the Mediterranean’s strongest navy off of the Gaza strip in support, which conducted more than 50 attacks on Thursday. Hamas has no defense against a modern military and especially against a country with the will to use it. Lessons were learned against Hizballah during 2006’s bloody and inconclusive stalemate that proved to legitimize the extremist party and strengthen them politically, which led to increased support from Syria and Iran. The Israeli leadership is hoping this conflict leads to a game changer in Gaza and will eliminate Hamas as threat to their security and destroy them politically in Gaza.