It’s Election Day in Georgia

The latest InsiderAdvantage/Poll Position with the help of Southern Political Report for the Georgia U.S. Senate race has Saxby Chambliss beating Jim Martin by 4%.

The results:

Chambliss, 50%Martin, 46%Undecided, 4%With 50%, Chambliss can’t lose. The GOP will have to cross their fingers in hopes that history rings true in this election. Traditionally, Republicans fare better when it comes to returning to the polls for runoffs and with the huge implications behind this race, the dedicated will turn out.

Jim Martin on the other hand, enjoys Obama’s tsunami of popularity and sweeping, historical victory. And President-elect Obama did his part in trying to energize the black voters as well as those who voted for him on Election Day.

Personally, I say those voters had their choice. They turned out for one man, and one man only. I don’t see anywhere the same type of turnout for Martin this go round.

So I’ll go ahead and lay it out there: the incumbent Chambliss will win with 54-56% of the support.