Change Indeed

As in changed drastically from his campaign mode. The only thing many are seeing from Obama is the rather smooth change he has made from the rhetoric and promises as a presidential candidate to the actual actions as President-Elect. It has some of his supporters uneasy.

It started with the partisan, heavy hitter, Rahm Emanuel as Chief of Staff and later to the anti-climatic reconciliation with Joe Lieberman, which had the left fuming by the way. Now, as each new name is released, Obama’s cabinet is starting to look like a Washington insider’s breakfast club. The new type of politics and message of change looks a lot like business as usual.

Another chunk of Obama support, the pacifist and anti-war crowd, are a little concerned too. Obama hasn’t announced that he intends for the military to lay down their arms yet, and that is causing alarm. That, plus the fact that Obama has invited “Hawkish” members into his cabinet. As reported, Sen. Hillary Clinton and Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates are both good candidates to be in the Obama Cabinet, as well as other reports suggesting that there are candidates for top security posts who also backed the Iraqi and Afgan wars.

Who can blame them? The Obama from the primaries all but said that war is never a legitimate option and the troops would be called home and reprimanded for invading other countries. Now there is a noticeable drift from his earlier underdog days. He has backed off the Iraqi timetable and acts like a man who intends to make the war and foreign policy a top priority, not a nuisance better suited for retarded unsophisticated cowboys. Not one of Obama’s, so far, candidates were against the war. All the major names that have been released supported the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan: Sen. John Kerry, Sen. Clinton, Richard Lugar, as mentioned Sec Gates, VP Biden and U.S. diplomat Richard C. Holbrooke.

This obviously has a very passionate party of his base uneasy. The problem is, though, they helped create the Cult of Personality, the Hero-Worshipping, that is “Obama.” Any acts of dissent and criticism will likely end up in riots, rants, hate crimes allegations and, a new development from the left, charges of being unpatriotic. And now, it looks like he intends to use this awesome force to his full advantage.

If we can convince Obama to back off abortion, believe in the markets and not bailouts and support the economy and not tax hikes, he may turn out to be a pretty good Republican after all.

With the left ready to cannibalize one another — Hey, things aren’t looking so bad.