Follow the Jim Matheson Money Trail

Congress spends our money. Do they do it by voting on a specific issue and deciding if it needs federal dollars, or to the take money that has been budgeted to a department away from that department and give it to their friends?

It is time earmarks were no longer the return on investment for big money, incumbents re-election campaigns, or lobbyists.

A city shouldn’t have to pay some lobbyist to donate to a campaign fund of someone back in DC to get the help they need from the federal government.

This is a great video showing exactly what Rep. Jim Matheson is doing to “bring home the bacon”.


Also, Rep. Jim Matheson votes with Nancy Pelosi when she needs the vote. There were 39 democrats that voted to stay and vote about the “Bush” Tax cuts. One more and they would not have left without discussing it. Yes, Matheson wrote a letter saying he wanted the cuts, but then he voted with Nancy Pelosi to dismiss and not. One vote would have made the difference. It did and it was Matheson voting with Nancy Pelosi, and not representing Utah.

I would like to see Morgan Philpot replace Rep. Jim Matheson.

Matheson has been sitting on the fence.

Matheson voted to change the rules so Obamacare would pass, then voted against it, and then said he wouldn’t vote to repeal it.

Anyone that didn’t want Obamacare to pass should vote for Morgan. Anyone that wanted Obamacare to pass should vote for Morgan.

Vote for Morgan Philpot. You will get someone that will listen, understands you can’t just keep spending our money, and will try to get 2/3 of Utah back instead of keeping giving it away.