Republicans that abandon their Party and fairly chosen Presidential nominee risk doing more than electing Hillary Clinton, President. Their lack of support disfranchises the greatest number of Republicans ever participating in a Party primary. Their disloyalty could also cause the Party of Abraham Lincoln to become an insignificant splinter group with little or no status in future elections.
A Democrat Party victory could insure their perpetual control over all branches of government and finally accomplish their long-held desire to have a National one Party dictatorship. Key will be encouraging their support for a European style open borders policy, mass immigration and packing the Supreme Court with Judges who believe law abiding illegal foreign invaders are entitled to amnesty, full citizenship and voting rights.
While many estimate the present illegal population and Visa overstays at eleven million, some believe it much higher. In addition, Hillary Clinton has proposed a huge increase in allowing those escaping the fighting and terrorism occurring in many Middle Eastern countries to settle here.
This raises serious questions concerning available vetting procedures to protect our national safety and security from Islamic terrorists. Democrats seem more interested in how many immigrants will express their future appreciation of access to America by establishing voting allegiance to the Democrat Party. If this occurs Republican traitors who sabotaged their campaign will be responsible for providing the Democrat Party with free rein to establish a Socialist dictatorship and forever change the character of our Nation.. That’s how important their actions and this Presidential election could be to future generations.