Major pre-requisites for an American President should be honesty, sound decision-making ability and understanding the role of military power in preserving our Nation’s safety and security. As of now, Hillary Clinton is the leading candidate to be our 45th President but does she possess these extremely important characteristics?
Never in our Country’s history has a leading candidate for President had a reputation of being “untrustworthy. Yet, Hillary Clinton has the dubious distinction of having her trust questioned by over 60% of the population.
In addition to being truthful, our President must be capable of making sound decisions, especially, when faced by enemies threatening annihilation. As our Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton ordered American representatives to occupy a dangerous embassy in Benghazi, Libya. She received numerous requests from them for military assistance because of nearby terrorist activities. As State Department leader she had the power to order military support but lacked the decision-making ability to save four American lives.
Since Hillary Clinton lacks the major pre-requisites of an American President why is she likely to be elected? Unfortunately, many believe America is overdue for a female leader. Many point to Great Britain, Israel and Germany as Nations successfully governed by women. The major difference is Margaret Thatcher, Golda Meir and Angela Merkel were recognized for their honesty, decision-making ability and understanding the role and importance of military. America needs a President and Commander in Chief who possesses the background and ability of those great women leaders. Hillary Clinton is a dangerous choice.