Donald Trump has turned off many potential supporters by ignoring Ronald Reagan’s Eleventh Commandment; to speak no evil of fellow Republicans. He has lost sight of his major opponents, the Obama Administration failures, Hillary Clinton’s incompetence and lies and the Democrat Party’s determination to socialize America.
Minimizing or destroying his Republican Party opponents is a failed strategy. No doubt, Democrat campaign professionals are archiving Trump’s criticisms for future attack ads and television commercials.
Trump’s candidacy struck a sympathetic chord with those who believed a successful businessman and genuine Capitalist could restore our Country’s greatness. The Trump’s family history represented a wonderful American success story. They also felt safer with someone who respected rather than criticized our military, vowed to improve its strength and honor our hospitalized wounded warriors.
Many applauded his criticism of our porous borders and millions of illegal foreign invaders. They agreed that lack of border security was an open invitation to some who are criminals, murderers, rapists and potential terrorists. Many out of work Americans citizens blamed their plight on businesses considering illegal aliens as cheap labor.
There was tremendous approval of Trump’s promise to build an impenetrable southern border wall, screen those seeking access and encourage legal immigrants with needed skills. Others were inspired hearing promises to repatriate both manufacturing and jobs that were now in other nations. Americans seemed anxious to again see Made in the U.S.A. on goods and clothing. Sadly, advocacy of worthwhile recommendations have succumbed to Donald Trump’s rejection of Ronald Reagan’s critical advice.