Imagine, our 45th President could be someone considered untrustworthy. That is the strange political phenomenon facing our Nation. In one year, legal citizens across this country will exercise a Constitutionally guaranteed right to vote.
According to recent polls and political experts someone 60% of America’s citizenry considers dishonest will be elected President. What does that imply about our electorate and how might that affect our Nation’s future? Are Americans who follow that path stupid, blind or simply naïve?
It seems mistrust of a candidate does not necessarily negate loyalty to a particular Political Party. Advocating Socialism and government provided “free stuff” to citizens and illegal aliens outweigh the potential harms of having such a policy and dishonest president.
Many voters have been conditioned to believe anything the Federal Government provides or mandates is free and not burdensome on businesses or taxpayers. This suggests that government provided “free stuff” does not impact our Nation’s debt or encourage national bankruptcy.
Overlooked, is the fact that America has the highest standard of living of any civilized nation because of Free Enterprise Capitalism not Socialism. In fact, those considered poor or under-privileged in the United States have more necessities and luxuries than any Socialist country on earth.
Hopefully, by Election Day 2016, someone will emerge and seek our Presidency who is considered trustworthy and whose Party supports our wonderfully progressive economic system. That supersedes any political enticements or “free stuff” offered in return for votes.