Can we be optimistic about New Jersey’s future if liberal legislators care more about potential tax revenue than the dangers in legalizing recreational marijuana? This state’s drug epidemic is severe enough without further enticing the young, poor and uninformed with a “gateway drug” to heroin addiction.
Yet, In spite of denials, those promoting marijuana for medical use are also encouraging legalization for pleasure. The potential consequences are dire. How can we discourage experimentation or usage by the young if liberal politicians proclaim it legal and safe.
Legalization in some States has encouraged greedy entrepreneurs to produce and market marijuana-laced candy bars and snacks. Its no secret, they are deliberately targeting the young.
Ironically, the Governor of Colorado now believes legalization was a mistake. The amount envisioned by taxation is far below predictions. Their law enforcement authorities report 28% of recent automobile accidents were attributable to marijuana usage. Traveling on New Jersey roads are bad enough with drivers texting or on cell phones. Imagine, the prospect of adding those on high from marijuana use.
Estimates are that legalization will generate a multi-billion dollar bonanza for growers, domestic manufacturers and drug cartels. Surely, this will encourage a new class of lobbyists to further increase pressure on the liberal left.
Are we being faithful to our children, grandchildren and future generations if we stand mute about the potential dangers of this legislation. Fortunately, Gov. Chris Christie is standing firm against politicians who see dollar signs more important than our children’s future