Americans are being treated to a unique political campaign highlighted by a few candidates incorporating Populism. This, combined with communication skills, could emulate an unexpected victorious campaign by Ronald Reagan 35 years ago.
Most political prognosticators failed to recognize early on the potential impact Populism and communication proficiency would play in his political career. Many considered Reagan a Class “B” Hollywood movie actor who starred with a chimpanzee until successfully elected California Governor and ultimately, President of the United States.
“Populism” consists of successfully responding to the concerns and thoughts of those who feel disenfranchised by political parties, their policies, philosophy and wealthy supporters. Effective in encouraging crossover voting, it could be even more successful today based on technological advances in communication and use of the Internet.
At the present time, three Republican Presidential candidates are exhibiting populist skills. They are New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, Donald Trump and Texas [mc_name name=’Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’C001098′ ]. All received noticeable bumps in polling support by mirroring their thoughts with those of many silent Americans.
It was Donald Trump that struck the most sensitive nerve by criticizing Mexico‘s huge export of illegal aliens with long criminal backgrounds into our Country. He combined this with criticism of ”Sanctuary Cities” that protect alien lawbreakers like the one who murdered Kate Steinle in San Francisco.
It is still early in the Presidential campaign and none knows who will be our 45th President but its refreshing to hear a few political candidates who say it like it is.