The United States and Free-world face extremely serious life-threatening problems. Thousands of innocent lives have already been sacrificed as fanatical extremists intend to rule the world. Yet, Democrats and the Mainstream Press are fixated on “gay sex” as a major campaign issue. They believe fundamentally changing our society should encompass redefining the century-old religious and biblical custom of marriage. They hope to exploit attitudes concerning same sex marriage as a “Gotcha” question when interviewing potential Republican candidates for President.
Rather than redefining marriage, gay relationships should be considered ”associations, alliances or affiliations”. Traditional marriage should be limited to the union of one man and one woman and immune to governmental interference, Supreme Court dictates or a well-financed same sex lobby.
If two men or two women want to co-habitate together its strictly their own business. Why must the majority be required by law to sanction it as normal or traditional marriage when the main justification involves financial gain? If participants believe same sex unions lack certain legal protections then change them without redefining marriage.
Neither, should we ignore the corresponding health implications or whether future generations are promulgated by surrogates and children raised motherless and fatherless. Nor, can we overlook that the primary cause of HIV/Aids in the United States and world-wide emanates from same sex relationships.
While we must strictly enforce laws against discrimination, compelling all others to accept abnormal lifestyles violates their freedom. Hopefully, religious institutions, enlightened politicians and the Fourth Estate will join to encourage common sense on this question.