A simple apology is insufficient to atone for deliberate deception of the American people. The only fair and reasonable punishment for George Stephanopoulos should be permanent removal from broadcasting to prevent this from reoccurring.
Neither, should we completely absolve Disney-controlled ABC. They knew when hiring Stephanopoulos he was a long standing supporter and political operative for the Clintons. Yet, they have knowingly permitted continuation of his on-air political bias.
Evidently, both he and his employer considered the viewing public stupid, naïve or simply incapable of recognizing blatant political prejudice. One can only wonder how many others in the Mainstream Media are secret contributors to the Democrat Party and provide political allegiance to them or their candidates.
The recent Stephanopoulos interview of George Schweitzer, author of “Clinton Cash” indicated how Clinton loyalty contributed to unfair and aggressive questioning and incorporation of Hillary’s campaign talking points to skew any semblance of journalistic honesty. It was strictly an effort to discredit and criticize the author for legitimately questioning financing of the Clinton Initiative.
Some have tried to equate Stephanopoulos actions with those of fellow journalist Brian Williams. The difference is William’s false effort to enhance his background and experience harmed only himself not others.
It is hoped this will encourage both ABC and other broadcasting companies to stop using journalistic efforts to unfairly attack and criticize conservatives. A fair and unbiased Mainstream Press and Media should be the American home of political fairness and honesty.