Should dedicated police officers be intimidated and threatened by street mobs? Should our first line of defense against criminality, public lewdness and disorder, be under siege by those intent on overthrowing our Nation? Should police be disbanded or made to relinquish their weapons? If we capitulate, America as we know it will be history.
Demonstrators right to free speech and to assemble peacefully are protected but not their right to abuse dedicated men and women who have vowed to protect and defend us. Nor, should we condone those in Baltimore that targeted police with rocks, bottles, bricks and other dangerous missiles. Neither, should protestors escape severe punishment for torching police vehicles, businesses or private homes.
     Surely, most Americans consider these acts disgusting, repulsive and un-American. How ironic that elected Democrat office-holders sided with and gave tacit approval to groups bent on using terrorist tactics to promote anarchy and insurrection.
When will demonstrators blame their own elected Democrat office holders, including President Barack Obama, for their miserable plight? It’s no secret, Democrats control every facet of Baltimore‘s government and if there are problems those in charge are responsible.
Insurrectionists are free to carry signs blaming  social problems on capitalism, banks, Republicans and Conservatives if that satisfies their warped thinking. But, when America’s President and elected Democrats ignore revolutionary or terrorist conduct or stand mute in the face of violence, arson and abusing the rights of others, it is a national disgrace and should receive no sympathy or support, especially, from  press and media.