America's Future Questionable

     Most polls indicate America is heading in the wrong direction. The coming culmination of Barack Obama’s presidency indicates no genuine accomplishments and many grave failures. Even the pro-Obama press and media that have acted as personal cheering squads find it difficult to identify meaningful successes.
Six years of the Obama Administration have left future generations with an almost insurmountable burden of over eighteen trillion dollars in debt. His landmark health care legislation included false or deceitful promises and significant cost increases. Racial harmony has suffered greatly under his leadership.
Refusal to enforce immigration legislation has adversely impacted our job market and threatened America’s safety, security and sovereignty. He has flaunted our Constitution and acted dictatorial by bypassing Congress.
He has reversed this country’s long-standing cooperation and association with Israel, the only truly democratic nation in the Middle East. Some actually wonder whether the President’s birth and childhood as a Muslim have influenced his present antagonism towards Israel, Jewish people and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
Why does Obama treat leaders of the world’s foremost State Sponsor of Terrorism as a trusted friend and abandons a long time faithful ally? At the same time, President Obama and his Party have instituted foreign policy decisions that pose potential danger to this nation and much of the free world. Trusting any regime that advocates the “annihilation of Israel” and “death to America” borders on insanity. Unwillingness to understand and recognize the threats posed by a nuclear-armed Iran and radical Islamic terrorism are incomprehensible.