Nothing reveals the extreme bias of the liberal press and media more than their assessment of [mc_name name=’Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’C001098′ ]  (R-TX) after he entered the Republican Primary for President. While the similarity of his and Barack Obama’s background, experience and family roots are amazing, it was completely ignored by both mediums..
Each was born outside the United States to parents of mixed national backgrounds. Obama’s father was Kenyan and Cruz’s father Cuban. Each of their names denotes a foreign connotation and both are Harvard graduates and activists. Obama was a Community Organizer in Chicago while Cruz spent four years as the Texas Solicitor General. Both were elected to the United States Senate. Neither, has any executive experience.
Each is married to an intelligent, educated woman and are proud fathers of two daughters. Both are excellent orators. Cruz style is extemporaneous and Obama finds teleprompters a comfort.
Prior to the 2008 election both the press and media declared Barack Obama “eminently qualified” based on his background and experience. With remarkably similar qualifications, Ted Cruz deserved a comparable assessment but, the left remained unabashedly biased. They declared Ted Cruz completely “unqualified, stupid, dumb, poorly prepared, dangerous, a global warming denier, rabble-rouser and slimy“, just to mention a few.
Like Ronald Reagan, Ted Cruz strikes fear among democrats because he speaks the truth, can revive American pride and greatness, a sound economy and provide leadership lacking by the Obama Administration in protecting America and combating radical Islamic terrorism.