Legalization of recreational marijuana remains a major goal of liberal New Jersey Democrats. They are enticed by potential marijuana-based tax revenue but ignore pot-induced increased medical costs or more funeral parlor profits.
Nothing is more indicative of their obsession than their lightening response to a wonderful article in the Asbury Park Press by Assemblywoman Mary Pat Angelini (R-NJ). Within 48 hours, two drug culture advocates had letters published critical of her article, “Legalized marijuana wrong for New Jersey’.
Assemblywoman Angelini’s thoughts complimented two excellent APP editorials; one published 3/30/14 titled, “Pot bill one toke over the line” and another on 2/20/15, “Don’t make New Jersey mecca for stoners”.
Proponents don’t want to hear that marijuana is a “Gateway Drug” that encourages hard drug use. Yet, medical professionals believe it responsible for our present drug epidemic among the young, especially, in New Jersey.
They don’t want to hear about American Automobile Association (AAA) research that Tetrahydrocannabinal (THC) is the second most common substance found in the blood of impaired and fatally injured drivers.
Also, that legalizing marijuana means zero tolerance is eliminated. Youngsters will say that, ”If the government says its legal it must be safe”. Neither is there a test that measures THC levels for drivers. Meanwhile, psychological brain imaging studies show definite abnormalities in those under 25 who smoke pot.
One can only hope that Gov. Chris Christie’s eventual replacement, regardless of Party affiliation, will continue to oppose legalization of recreational marijuana and save future generations from a potential plague.”