Based on revelations the Justice Department intends to charge [mc_name name=’Sen. Robert Menendez (D-NJ)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’M000639′ ] (D.-NJ) with corruption,  he has a lot of explaining to do. Congratulations to the New York Times for finally reporting on Menendez’s alleged acts of impropriety and unethical conduct. Maybe the liberal media and Fourth Estate are finally acting responsibly and allowing some sunshine on a fellow liberal?
Hopefully, we can find out why it took Menendez two years to reimburse a campaign contributor $58,500 for two mysterious flights to the Dominican Republic? Why did he pay ten times what they were worth? What is the real connection between him and the campaign donor who provided those flights?
At a time when America’s safety and security are threatened by nations intent on our destruction, America is fortunate that Sen. Menendez is no longer Chairman of the Senate’s Foreign Relations Committee. Having someone with that responsibility compromised by allegations of wrongdoing, unethical behavior or the possibility of being blackmailed for personal improprieties is risky.
Sen. Menendez, like all Americans, is innocent until proven guilty but it would be better for him to step aside altogether from that Committee until all personal and legal problems are solved. Meanwhile, his claim to be a victim of “nameless, faceless, anonymous allegations by right wing conservatives” is an old but lame excuse used by all liberals. Hillary Clinton also blamed “a vast right wing conspiracy” for blowing the whistle on her husband’s sexual escapades. The only individual responsible for Sen. Menendez’s actions and problems is Sen. Menendez.