Democrats favor Hillary Clinton for President simply because she’s female? Ignored is her shallow record as U.S. Senator, lack of genuine accomplishments and serious failures while Secretary of State? They forget she assigned Americans to Benghazi then denied military support to save their lives. They overlook her disrespect for all women when she attempted to minimize her husband’s sexual attacks on women inside and outside the White House by inferring they were simply political charges by a “vast right wing conspiracy”.
The potential danger to our Nation requires a unique type of leader who is strong, resolute and understands the importance and role of America‘s military. It must be an individual who can garner international respect because of inherent leadership skills, a quality Hillary never displayed.
Does she possess the ability to be our Nation’s Commander-in-Chief and potentially lead a world-wide military effort to eradicate the growing international cancer of radical Islamic extremism? Ideally, it should be someone with the ability of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, Margaret Thatcher or Ronald Reagan.
Hillary Clinton had an interesting life, established records of flying on military aircraft and visiting many countries. She and Bill are now setting new records attracting multi-million dollar donations to the Clinton Initiative from foreign sources. She is proficient at attracting huge honorariums for sharing her smile and providing warm friendly chatter. However, Hillary Clinton is the wrong person to lead our Nation and the world in a fight for survival and anyone with common sense, including democrats, must admit it.