A number of my friends claim the Obama Administration is acting anti-Semitic. They feel that many in politics, the press and media are deliberately standing mute and ignoring the way Israel and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu are treated by Barack Obama.
One wonders whether his own words provide a clue to his present actions and sympathies concerning the Jewish State? In his book, “Dreams from My Father” Obama stated, ”I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction”. This certainly seems to be the case in the Middle East..
Is that why Hamas and Hezbollah controlled Palestine is treated like a friend, Israel an enemy and Prime Minister Netanyahu an unwelcome guest? Could it also explain why America was a no-show when leaders of over 40 other nations joined in Paris, France to express unified revulsion over radical Islamist murders?
Why should Barack Obama be interfering in Israel’s March election for Prime Minister? Reports claim a team of his 2012 campaign experts led by Jeremy Bird, Obama’s Campaign Director and an architect of his re-election victory, have arrived in Israel. Their goal; to defeat Benjamin Netanyahu and elect a left of center Party and Prime Minister more to President Obama’s liking. No wonder many Americans of all faiths question his motivation.
How sad that under Barack Obama our two democratic nations are forgoing friendship and cooperation evident under all previous American presidents, especially, when the future freedom of both nations is at stake.