Are democrats and liberals favoring Hillary Clinton for President simply because she is a woman? Is the Mainstream Press and Media, who feel the same way, ignoring her lack of genuine accomplishments and serious failures while Secretary of State?
The potential danger to our Nation from increasingly belligerent radical Islamists requires a unique type of future leader. He or she must be strong, resolute and who understands completely the importance and role of possessing a military second to none. In addition, it must be an individual who can garner international respect because of inherent leadership skills. That person should also realize the next international conflict will combine both conventional and cyber warfare plus a form of fanatical barbaric behavior.
While mainland U.S.A. sustained minimal damage during previous international conflicts the next could be far different. Radical Islamic terrorists have already attacked our Nation prior to and following the 9/11 devastation that killed and maimed thousands.
America’s next President could very well be the leader of a world-wide military effort to eradicate a growing international cancer. Ideally, it should be someone with the ability of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, Margaret Thatcher or Ronald Reagan.
Unfortunately, Hillary Clinton is none of those. She had an interesting life, established records of international flight and visitation to many countries and is now collecting huge honorariums to share her smile and provide warm and friendly chatter. However, Hillary Clinton is the wrong person to lead our Nation and the world at a time like this.