Americans should never forget that President Barack Obama was a no-show when over 40 world leaders joined to express their revulsion over radical Muslim terrorism in Paris, France. While many in the news media deliberately ignored this snub, our Nation and its citizens found it extremely embarrassing. No wonder, that under the Obama Administration, neither America’s friends or enemies respect or trust us any longer.
When those responsible for killing the associates of Satire Magazine Charlie Hebdo and those in the Kosher Market claimed they were, “Avenging the Prophet Mohammad” it was clear that radical Muslims perpetrated the atrocities.
Yet, Barack Obama refuses to acknowledge any association of Islamic radicals with terrorist acts. He still attributes similar terrorist assassinations at Fort Hood, Texas, Boston and other American sites to “workplace violence”.
Why is he unwilling to properly identify current acts of terrorism as Muslim inspired? How strange that both his supportive press or political opponents refuse to address this question. Yet, many continue to believe the reason dates back to his Muslim birth and upbringing in Kenya, Africa. Evidently, he still owes his first allegiance to the Muslim faith.
Hopefully, the Mainstream Press will finally wake up to the fact and report there was no legitimate reason for the President to not represent the American people in Paris, France. To not see our President arm in arm with the French President, German Chancellor, British and Israeli Prime Ministers and 40 other world leaders was absolutely disgusting.