When public officials ignore or condone street mobs calling for “Dead Cops” they are compliant in any subsequent consequences. No one should underestimate the influence of months of demonstrations and rallies led by professional agitators like Al Sharpton. They stoked the fires of police hatred by incorporating false charges of racism. Eventually, that anti-police rhetoric resulted in death by assassination for officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu.
 President Obama, Attorney General Holder and New York City Mayor DeBlasio are responsible for ignoring, supporting or condoning those who flaunted the law, committed arson, destroyed public and private property, blocked streets and bridges and hindered response of ambulances and emergency vehicles.     

     It is not surprising that some have accused both federal and local officials, as well as demonstrators, of having blood on their hands. There was also a remarkable similarity between the recent beheadings conducted by Isis and Islamic radicals and the way both officers were chosen randomly to be assassinated with bullets in their heads. 

     Yes, America’s Founding Fathers willed us a Nation in which freedom of speech, association and the right to assemble with grievances was guaranteed. Surely, they did not envision mobs of terrorists threatening to kill law enforcement officers, disrupting the lives of millions and torching American cities. What rabble rousers like Al Sharpton and protestors are doing is destroying almost 50 years of progress and racial harmony by defending two criminals who resisted arrest for their crimes and paid the price.