Prior to his election, President Obama said that legally altering or instituting laws involving Immigration must involve Congressional action. When he took the Oath of Office he promised to defend the United States Constitution and our Nation’s laws. He is doing the exact opposite by issuing an Executive Order revising an existing law he promised to honor and defend.
Doing so, ignores the sentiment of most Americans, negates representative government and violates both our Constitution and the intent of our Founding Fathers.
Professor Jonathan Turley, a highly respected lawyer and Constitutional expert claims the President is violating the Constitution by assuming ” legislative authority”.
Barack Obama intends to reward millions who invaded our country and broke our laws with our highly regarded freedoms, Green Cards, Work Permits, Social Security benefits and National Identification Numbers that will help them but seriously harm many American citizens. In addition to burdening taxpayers, those most affected by their competition for scarce jobs will be an equal number of Black and Hispanic Americans and their teenage children who seek summer employment.
While five million law breakers will enjoy these privileges and benefits initially, estimates are millions more will be competing for American jobs in service-related industries and construction in the future due to this Executive Action.
What is the reaction of our press and communication media? They have virtually  ignored the illegality of President Obama’s action, it’s unfair impact on minority American citizens and given the same wink and nod he has enjoyed for six long years.