It is no coincidence that many American cities plagued by crime violence, poverty and inadequate educational opportunities are governed by Democrats. Neither, is it a mystery why cities like Newark and Jersey City, New Jersey and Chicago, Illinois remain dangerous and blighted for years.
     Surely, no one wants to live in hopelessness or deplorable conditions but the truth is that as long as voting patterns remain unchanged so will fear and blight. No impetus exists to institute necessary change unless inner-city voters are willing to alter their traditional voting allegiances. Democrat officeholders fear no pressure to respond if their incumbency is guaranteed simple because their names appear as Democrats on the ballot.
     While many inner-city residents and teenagers are plagued by double-digit unemployment they see illegal aliens occupying needed jobs in construction, maintenance and service industries. This only emphasizes how the Democrat Party seems to prioritize an open border policy and billions of dollars to encourage, subsidize and support illegal invaders from South of the border.
     The truth is Democrats are so intent on catering to a growing Hispanic population they have virtually ignored or abandoned the safety and security of African Americans. While some may call this a “War on Blacks”, it is simply political opportunism by the Democrat Party. It seems their ability to maintain future political superiority rests with solidifying the Hispanic vote even if it means forsaking past alliances and loyal supporters.