Barack Obama’s promise to “fundamentally change America” is succeeding beyond all expectations. Using the power and influence of government and its purse strings he and Democrats have successfully endangered the future for our young, the elderly and minority Americans.
Our younger generation is now overburdened with trillions in unpaid public debt and responsibility for subsidizing senior’s medical costs associated with ObamaCare . Ironically, this group provided substantial support for both Democrats and President Obama, yet, now are adversely impacted by the Administration’s pro-union, anti-business bias that encourages out-sourcing of industrial production and jobs to foreign countries..
Seniors worry about their health, the ability of life’s savings to generate adequate income and the future for children and grandchildren. Sadly, an unending economic recession combined with out of control deficit spending have limited interest income and threatened freedom and prosperity for future generations.
Meanwhile, the President’s Affordable Care Act will leave seniors subject to new medical taxes, rationed health services and age restrictions that could restrict doctor-recommended medical life-saving procedures.
America’s minorities are watching while President Obama and Democrats open the Federal Treasury to provide billions to encourage and care for thousands of illegal aliens invading our country. This, while Chicago, Illinois, Jersey City, New Jersey and many others are threatened by crime, murder, violent neighborhoods and residents who worry where their next meals are coming from. The truth is that unless voting patterns change,  Democrats will continue to treat the young, the elderly and minorities as second class citizens.