The Asbury Park Press editorial “Don’t snub vocational training” and proposed State legislation to expand that curriculum were right on target. We need an educational system that understands what creates financial success and self-esteem in a changing society. Greater emphasis must be placed on preparing our younger generation to work and thrive in today’s real world. For that to be successful, our Nation must also adopt fundamental reforms to resurrect American job-creating opportunities in business and industry.

Sadly, government pro-union, anti-business bias and excessive corporate taxation are substantially responsible for outsourcing both production and jobs to countries around the world. While these policies successfully sustain compliant politicians and campaign war chests, they have destroyed our Nation’s economic status and extended a jobless recession. As a result, it is virtually impossible to find any merchandise with a “Made in the U.S.A. “ label.
It is also heartbreaking to see thousands of recent college graduates languishing in menial low-paying jobs while their unpaid educational debt remains an insurmountable burden. Yes, in this highly competitive world America needs engineers, scientists and medical professionals but, equally important are those who possess the ability to create, construct and repair.                                   Our Nation must stress the importance of “Buying American” as well as striving for energy independence, sealing our borders and encouraging American jobs for American citizens and those who come here legally. What we need is some good old fashioned conservatism; change not for change’s sake but because its necessary to restore America’s greatness.