“Income Inequality” will be Hillary Clinton’s major campaign issue yet, her own Party is responsible for lack of jobs, wage disparity and unending recession. Economic conditions directly impact business profit, job creation and worker salaries. When the President stresses pro-union, anti-business policies and uncertainty arises concerning costs of Obamacare legislation, all are adversely affected.
President Obama’s “Jobs Czar”, G. E’s President Jeffrey Immelt, encouraged construction of a solar panel factory in India and X-Ray manufacturing facility in China. Unfortunately, neither created or encouraged American jobs.
Unwillingness of the President to have American borders sealed resulted in thousands of foreign invaders who now enjoy good-paying jobs in construction and service related industries.
Administration supported unions have encouraged periodic excessive demands, frequent work stoppages and forced American business to outsource both jobs and manufacturing.
It is virtually impossible to find anything produced in this country. Union greed has caused the world’s finest garment industry to vanish, both American television and electronics manufacturing to disappear, most American shoe and sneaker manufacturers have gone elsewhere and practically nothing boasts a Made in the USA label.
Detroit, Michigan, once the world’s supreme automobile producing center, is now bankrupt and General Motors, bailed out with multi-million dollar taxpayer-financed loans is using them to purchase automobile parts from China.
The government is even purchasing Russian booster rockets instead of those from American manufacturers. The sad truth is Hillary Clinton must realize “Income Inequality” exists because of incompetence, liberalism and lack of leadership by the President and her own Party.