In 2008, candidate Barack Obama promised that Veteran Administration hospitals will lead the Nation in health care reform. Now, almost 6 years later and only after whistle blowers described the VA’s conditions as disgraceful, patient mortality rates increasing and falsified records, Barack Obama claims to be “mad as hell”. Evidently, his anger was insufficient to alter his consistent schedule of golf outings, vacations, sightseeing or political fund-raising safaris. Neither, does it satisfy the anger and frustration of hospitalized veteran’s families who had loved ones entrusted to government care.
How disgusting that America’s disabled military veterans must wait an inordinate amount of time for treatment and some are dying because of inadequate and untimely medical attention. This is a national disgrace that should be grounds for malfeasance in office or impeachment?
Some suggest an Administration ulterior motive for delaying exposure of these horrible conditions. VA hospitals as well as the Affordable Care Act, alias Obamacare, are government controlled. If veteran’s facilities cannot be conducted without shortages of qualified doctors and specialists, rationing of care, long delays, inexcusable deaths and falsified records is that also in Obamacare’s future? Could it be the reason it took 6 years to acknowledge how government really functions?
Most recognize that rationing of health care is symptomatic of government control and socialized medicine. That similarity should fortify public opposition to Obamacare and validate the thrust of Republican candidates in the 2014 Congressional and Senate election campaigns.